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Fuxing Landslide Lake 2-22-20

Fuxing Landslide Lake located in Kaohsiung County, Maolin District, Taoyuan Township, Fuxing. This is also another famously known spot “Fuxing Hot Spring”.  To get to Landslide Lake, you will need to take another route away from Fuxing Hot Spring. This route is not too far, but it is very steep for about 1.5km. Landslide Lake is a very beautiful lake with a very nice campground next to it. It is a good spot for camping, but not for water activities.

Fuxing Landslide Lake
Kaohsiung County, Taoyuan Township

Parking: 23.22454, 120.81618
Lake: 23.22652, 120.84048

Detailed Map: