Yuanyang Waterfall 5-11-2019







Yuanyang Waterfall located in Pingtung county, Laiyi township. This is a very beautiful waterfall formed from two upstream waterfall groups. Both upstream has much bigger waterfalls, but due to terrain situation, we can not go any further. When the water is big, the pool is not suitable for a swim because of the strong water current. When sunset light shines on the waterfall, you will see the rainbow!! This Daho River is a very beautiful river trace river, throughout the way, there are countless small pools where you can have fun and swim. One way trip is about 3km and it takes about 6 hours total for a round trip. if you don’t river trace and hike all the way, you will get tire fast at the end.

This is the first small waterfall downstream where you can swim and dive in. If you want to river trace upstream from the 2nd level waterfall, when water is too big it is a bit hard to climb over. You may cut through bushes route shown on the map to the top of waterfall and river trace upstream from there. When coming back, you may slide down from the top of the 2nd level waterfall (Be aware of the water current here) and river trace back to the parking spot.

Climb over the big rock. When water is too big or rock is too slippery please do not risk to climb. Suggest bringing a rope for this part if needed.

Yuanyang Waterfall
Pingtung County, Laiyi Township

Parking: 22.56233, 120.67971
Waterfall: 22.56044, 120.70253

Detailed Map: