Danger Level

Wutou Gorge Waterfall Group 3-16-19

Wutou Canyon Waterfall located in Pingtung County, Wutai Township. It is about 1km away from Dawu Hot Spring.Throughout the trip, you have to cross the river about 10 times or more and the one-way trip is about 5.3km and it takes about 6 hours round trip. Because of the Hayouxi Hot Spring, during the weekend there are tons of tourists visit this place. Local people even built up a gate to block the entrance. Forcing anyone who wants to enter sign up and pay to get in. If you do not wish to pay you can start off from the Bridge and river trace up. The waterfall has three levels, which have a nice deep pool where you can swim and have fun.

From here up, you need a little climbing to get through the first waterfall. After the first waterfall, it is easy to get to the third waterfall.

Wutou Canyon Waterfall
Pingtung County Wutai Township

Parking: 22.75318, 120.75217
Waterfall: 22.73653, 120.79076

Detailed Map: