Wutai Waterfall 6-01-19






Danger Level

Wutai Waterfall located in Pingtung County Wutai Township. Wutai waterfall used to be a popular spot, but due to the earthquake and geological changes, nowadays not much people come to visit here. Wutai waterfall has two tiers you can get to. To get to the upper tier of the waterfall you will need to go through this steep downhill. Best bring rope to help along for safety. To get to the lower tier of the waterfall, just follow the path down to the riverbed and swim across this 5-meter long deep pool. Due to bad weather, we did not make it to the lower tier waterfall. But we also found another spot from downstream river trace upward to this small waterfall. At the same time, we found out river trace downstream from lower tier waterfall you will see this small waterfall. You can also slide down from the waterway along the right side down to the pool. It is deep enough to slide down.

Wutai Waterfall
Pingtung County, Wutai Township

Parking: 22.75067, 120.73683
Waterfall: 22.74945, 120.73467

Detailed Map: