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Swan Lake Waterfall 4-27-19

Swan Lake Waterfall located in Pingtung County, Sandimen District. Since 2008 after the natural disaster and terrain changes, this area is closed down and no longer popular. The landowner built a gate in recent years to block the entrance, nowadays it is even harder to get in without informing the owner ahead. Please inform the landowner before you enter without causing any problem. The path is not very clear due to all the tall grasses. You will need to walk through bushes and tall grasses to get to the old tourist center. From there you have two options to choose from. The first path is to follow the top route of the map down to river and river trace upstream to Swan Lake Waterfall first, then river trace downstream to the top of the Lover’s Lake. Jump down from the left side of the waterfall and follow the yellow path on the map back to the old tourist center. The second option is to follow the yellow path on the map down to Lover’s Lake first and from there you can climb up from the right side of the waterfall to the top and river trace upstream to Swan Lake Waterfall. But this option requires some climbing and best with climbing gear ropes and hooks. Note: on top of the waterfall there is no place to tie the rope on except one rock.

After the hike down to the riverbed, river trace upstream about 0.4km to get to Swan Lake Waterfall

Swan Lake Waterfall
Pingtung County, Sandimen District

Parking: 22.79135, 120.70544
Waterfall: 22.79408, 120.71308

Detailed Map: