Shimeng Valley 12-1-18







Shimeng Valley located in Chiayi County, Alishan Township. This is a very fun hike trail. From parking spot to Stone Dream Garden is about 1.8km, hike upward to detour location is another 1.2km. Start from there is another 2.3km in a loop shape route. Going right at the detour (Path A) is a bit easier to hike. Along the way, there are tons of special scenic area. Lover’s Waterfall located just under Howling Valley. When water is big, it is very beautiful. The cave behind the Lover’s Waterfall is also a fun place to go. The total distance is about 7.5km and it takes about 6hours to finish. Starting from elevation 900 all the way to 1,700. Best bring some flashlight with you because with it gets foggy it will be very dark and hard to hike.

Chiayi County Alisan Township – Shimeng Valley & Lover’s Waterfall

Parking: 23.57523, 120.77035
Waterfall: 23.5587, 120.77903

Detailed Map: