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Shaonian River Yuanyang Waterfall 10-12-19

Shaonian River Yuanyang Waterfall located in Kaohsiung , Taoyuan District. The waterfall is hidden inside the small canyon. Yuanyang waterfall used to have two tiers, but after typhoon came, the first tier was covered up with rocks. Now it is very easy to get to the second tier. From the parking spot to the down point is only a few meters. Because the old road is broken, we use ropes to create a new down point. Make sure you secure the rope before going down. From the riverbed to the canyon entrance is only 350 meters.

Entering to waterfall

Shaonian River Yuanyang Waterfall
Kaohsiung County, Taoyuan District

Parking: 23.17449, 120.77233
Waterfall: 23.17295, 120.77126

Detailed Map: