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Oxbow Creek Upper Level Waterfalls Group 11-3-18

Oxbow Creek Waterfalls located in Pingtung County, Majia Township. These waterfall groups divide into upper-level and lower-level, total over 10 waterfalls in between. To get to the upper-level of the waterfall, you can drive the road and park in the midsection of the river. Upper-level has more than 4 waterfalls. Besides the first waterfall, the rest of them need some climbing to get to. There are small paths near every waterfall, but it is a bit hard to find. Best to bring ropes with you to help to get over some part of the trail. After 4th waterfall requires some swimming to get to the next one, but we did not go that far this time. Will provide more information later on.

Oxbow Creek Upper-Level Waterfalls Group
Pingtung County, Majia Township

Parking: 22.68813, 120.65686
First Waterfall: 22.68674, 120.65856

Detailed Map: