Danger Level

Ocean God’s Pools 8-4-18

Ocean God’s Pool located in Pingtung County, Sandimen Township. This is a very popular spot for river trace team and family fun. At the riverbed, you can rent a tent for a BBQ and picnic. Ocean God’s Pool can have multiple routes you can choose from. The artificial dam next to the parking lot is a great place for family and kids (EASY LEVEL). When river trace upstream, you will cross many deep pools where you can swim and dive. It is best to have river trace shoes and life vests for self-protection (MEDIUM LEVEL). About 800 meters upstream you will reach three deep and beautiful pools. It is best to have ropes and climbing gear to go upstream (HARD LEVEL). After three deep pools, about 200 meters upstream you will reach another big deep pool where you can swim and dive. There is another detour to this waterfall located just about 600 meters after the starting point (Route showed in gallery image). River trace upstream about 200 meters to get to it.

Ocean God’s Pools
Pingtung County, Sandimen Township

Parking: 22.822563, 120.646305
Ocean God’s Pools: 22.82544, 120.65297

Detailed Map: