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Nine Layer Waterfall 2-7-19

Nine Layer Waterfall located in Kaohsiung County, Taoyuan District. just 900 meters upstream from Fuxing Hot Spring. From the parking spot to the waterfall is about 5.5km, a round trip takes about 6 hours hike. If you have 4 wheel drive you can follow the road drive up at least 3 miles to Fuxing Hot Spring. The river is full of minerals due to the hot spring. At the start point section, the river is more green and yellowish color. Near Fuxing Hot Spring, the river turns to dark brown-red color. The waterfall has many layers, but we only got to the second level of it. There is a bigger waterfall at the top but it requires climbing equipment to get up.

Section to the Nine Layers Waterfall

Nine Layer Waterfall
Kaohsiung County, Taoyuan District

Parking: 23.22409, 120.81265
Waterfall: 23.20769, 120.84471

Detailed Map: