Danger Level

Niaopu 5-26-19

Niaopu Waterfall located in Chiayi County, Fanlu Township. It is relatively more hidden but very easy to reach. From the parking spot to the waterfall only takes 5 minutes’ walk and no need to river trace. The pool next to the waterfall is very deep, it is a very good spot to swim and dive. Please always check underwater before dive. Niaopu Waterfall is also very close to Qingren Waterfall. Qingren waterfall is another easy reach and fun waterfall to visit. You can visit these two waterfalls on the same day.

Niaopu Waterfall
Chiayi County, Fanlu Township

Parking: 23.31108, 120.62272
Waterfall: 23.31147, 120.62325

Detailed Map: