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Lover’s Gorge Waterfall 4-30-17

Lover’s Valley Waterfall located in Kaohsiung County, Maolin District. Lover’s Waterfall is a waterfall group that has at least 3 levels. The first level of the waterfall is right next to the parking lot. Follow the stairway up about 5 minutes will reach the 2nd level of the waterfall. the pool is deep enough for dive and swims. The pavilion next to the waterfall is a perfect place for a picnic. There is a small path next to the pavilion lead to the 3rd level of the waterfall, but it requires a little climb to get to it.

Lover’s Gorge Waterfall
Kaohsiung City, Maolin District

Parking: 22.87629, 120.66686
Waterfall: 22.87634, 120.66677