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Kayoufeng Waterfall 7-28-18

Kayoufeng Waterfall located in Pingtung County, Shizi Township. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in southern Taiwan. It is also called Lion Waterfall. From parking to the waterfall is about 1km hike. Due to the construction, we had to park our car further away and hike in. The pool under the waterfall is not deep at all, it is a great place to swim and have fun but not for diving. The observation deck next to the waterfall is a great spot for photos and a picnic. Sometimes people camp there too. Downstream from the waterfall has a couple of small pools where you can swim and have fun.

Kaoyoufeng Waterfall
Pingtung County, Shizi Township

Parking:22.28965, 120.69715
Waterfall:22.29736, 120.70052

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