Danger Level

Ghost Axe Canyon Waterfall 12-23-18

Ghost Axe Canyon located in Kaohsiung County, Maolin District, Dona Township. From parking to canyon waterfall is about 2km. It is a very easy hike on the riverbed to the canyon. When entering the canyon you will need to river trace and swim a bit to get to the endpoint. From the endpoint up to the waterfall require climbing and best with ropes and gear. We did not go up due to a lack of gear and big water flow.Please stay out of the canyon area when it is raining because the water rises up fast and becomes much more dangerous. Please also be aware of falling rock in the canyon. The best time to visit here is sometime about March during the low water season.

Ghost Axe Canyon Waterfall
Kaohsiung Maolin District

Parking: 22.91316, 120.71911
Waterfall: 22.9145, 120.7308

Detailed Map: