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Fenghuang Waterfall 9-29-19

Fenghuang waterfall located at Chiayi county, Fanlu township. The main tier of the waterfall is very easy to reach. Just stairs and more stairs!! We start by going upstream from the main tier of the waterfall. At upstream there are two small-size waterfalls. The pool at Fenghuang waterfall is deep enough for swimming and diving. Please always check the underwater condition before diving!! To get to the lower tier of Fenghuang waterfall require a little climbing. There is a route to cut down directly to the waterfall but it is a bit hard to see and steep. Need to be careful going down that route. We found our new way down to the lower stream and river trace upstream. This new way is a bit steep and much harder. Therefore, we left our ropes at the spot where we went down from. This route isn’t the best way to go, but if you like a more exciting and climbing route, you can choose this one. Best bring some ropes for both routes for personal safety.

Upstream from Fenghuang Waterfall

Lower Tier of Fenghuang Waterfall

Fenghuang Waterfall
Chiayi County, Fanlu Township

Parking: 23.47352, 120.61946
Waterfall: 23.46832, 120.62045

Detailed Map: