Danger Level

Dujuan Canyon 2-23-19

Dujuan CanyonLocation in Kaohsiung Maolin District is a narrow type canyon terrain, the river named Hot Spring Creek is the same river that goes down to the Ghost Axe Canyon. Starting from the path hiking down to the river will need to pass this very steep and narrow path. It is very slippery and steep. Best bring glove and ropes for extra support. Tracing the river upward about 20mins will see this naturally form cave on the left-hand side, where is a good spot for camping. Climbing through the rock on the right-hand-side (Direction guide is shown on the image below). Soon you will see this bigger waterfall, go up from the right side, you will see the smaller waterfalls. It requires some climbing to get through. Best bring ropes and some climbing equipment for the following part. Due to no proper equipment, we did not make it to our final destination, more information will add to it later on.

Dujuan Canyon
Kaohsiung County, Maolin District

Parking: 22.90771, 120.72654
Waterfall: 22.90129, 120.73224

Detailed Map: