Danger Level

Lost Souls Canyon Upperstream 10-27-19

Lost Souls Canyon located at Pingtung, Wutai Township, next to Dawu village. From the parking spot hike down to the river take about 10 minutes. River trace upstream to the endpoint waterfall takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Along the way, there are few pools that need to be crossed. It is not too deep and overall is very safe and easy. This place is very beautiful because of the canyon terrain. In the last part, you will need to climb over this small waterfall and through the collapsing rocks area to get to the last waterfall. At the last waterfall you can also climb up, but we strongly suggested that you have some safety equipment before you go up.

Entering gorge

Lost Souls Canyon Upstream
Pingtung County, Wutai Township

Parking: 22.75371, 120.76132
Waterfall: 22.75111, 120.77106

Detailed Map: