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Ali Waterfall 6-22-19

Ali Waterfall located in Pingtung county, Wutai Township, Ali Village. Ali village is the highest Rukai tribe village with an elevation of 1200 meter high. It is often surrounded by clouds all year around. On the way close to Ali village, you can see full of cherry trees next to the road. During the winter season, many photographers will come here for a photoshoot. It is also a very nice place for a picnic and sightseeing.

Before entering into Ali village, you will see an intersection with a red gate. The left way is about 1.3km smooth hiking trail with beautiful cherry trees along the way. This is a perfect hiking trail for a family. (But the gate is closed most of the time),This is also the way to Ali waterfall but you will have to park outside the red gate and walk the extra mile for it. If you are going to the Ali Waterfall and don’t want to walk this extra mile, you can drive onto the right side of the red gate up to the village and park where I pinned on the map. The alleyway inside the village is very narrow, therefore I don’t suggest driving down any further. If you have the scooter you can ride further to the location I pinned on the map.

Ali waterfall has two ways you can choose to go to. The upper tier is to the red bridge. The lower tier is to the bottom of the waterfall. If you want to go to the red bridge at the end of the Ali waterfall, you will require some climbing skills and courage to make it. Also, we strongly suggest you bring some ropes to help during the climb.

To get to the upper level of the waterfall you will need to walk along this narrow stone path. After that, there will have some climbing needs. There are ropes along the way and the cliff part, but best to bring your own rope for safety. At the cliff part, be aware of your step point, because the stones here are not very unstable. The rope and the iron rope here is also not very secure. After passing the cliff part you will come to crossing the waterfall part. There are iron ropes in the mid and end section of the waterfall so we set up a rope for the first section to be secure.

On the map, I have marked the way down to the bottom tier. This route is totally new so we had to climb down about three 10 meters high section with ropes. We also left our ropes at the 2nd and 3rd dropping section. When you reach the bottom tier of the waterfall, you will find this scenery is very beautiful. If you are going down this route you will need to make sure the knot point is secure enough in case you can not climb back up. On this website “Follow Xiofei” he has a different route without needs of rope to the bottom tier. (Click here for more info)

Reminder: Ali Waterfall located in a place where very few people will for a visit. Therefore, safety is very important. Both the upper and bottom tier route has its own risks. Bring ropes along for own safety use.

Upper Tier

Lower Tier

Ali Waterfall
Pingtung County, Wutai Township

Parking: 22.72363, 120.75853
Waterfall: 22.71494, 120.76695

Detailed Map: