Danger Level

Shipangu Trail 11-17-18

Shipangu Waterfall located in Chiayi County, Alishan Township. This is a very interesting hiking trail. Along the way, you can see different types of scenery and gigantic rock on the riverbed. One way distance is about 1.5km, the round trip takes about 3-4hours hike. To get to Shipangu Waterfall you will have to walk down a path that leads to the riverbed and trace upstream. To river trace other waterfalls you will need to start from the endpoint of the trail into the valley. There is a total of 6 waterfalls in this area which is very fun for river trace. We did not river trace this time, will put up more information about it later on.

Shipangu Trail
Chiayi County, Alishan Township

Parking: 23.59841, 120.74597
Waterfall: 23.6013, 120.74255

Detailed Map: