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Falcon Point Mountain 3-31-19

Falcon Point Skyline located in Tainan County, Nanxi District, Meiling Township. This is a very fun hiking trail. To get to Falcon Point there are 2 options you can choose from. The first route (EASY) starts from Wulong Trail hike up to Falcon Point and the same route back. The second route (HARD) hike up from Meiling Old Trail up to Falcon Point and Wulong Trail back. Both routes start off from the restaurant parking lot where Meiling Trail starts. We choose the harder route this time, therefore, the total distance is about 7km and it takes about 5-6hours to finish. At the Falcon Point trail, there are ropes along the whole way. You still need to be careful hiking on it.

Entering Falcon Point Skyline

Falcon Point Mountain
Tainan, Nanxi District

Parking: 23.18471, 120.56044
Falcon Point Mountain: 23.19404, 120.58081

Detailed Map: