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Shuimuding Waterfall 9-21-19

Shuimuding waterfall located in Taitung county, Changbin Township. It is a little-know secret spot. There is a very short mountain route that takes about 200 meters to reach the waterfall (Follow Xiaofei Shuimuding Waterfall), but the entrance route is a bit hard to find.

This time we start directly from the Water Resources structure to the upstream. One way trip is about 900 meters, takes about 2 hours round trip. Along the way, there are many pools you can swim in, they are all not very deep. Near the waterfall, there is a section which requires some climbing. Overall is fairly easy, just go slow and watch your step!! The pool at Shuimuding waterfall is deep enough for diving and perfect for swimming. Always check the underwater condition before diving!!

There are some water pools and small waterfalls on the upstream of the waterfall. If you have time to go upstream, you may need some climbing equipment to ensure safety.

Right before the waterfall, there is a small section which requires some climbing. Just go slow and watch your step, overall is fairly easy.

Shuimuding Waterfall
Taitung County, Changbin Township

Parking: 23.40875, 121.44881
Waterfall: 23.41162, 121.44128

Detaied Map: