Qinglong Waterfall 11-25-2015






Danger Level

Qinglong Waterfall located in Nantou County, Zhushen Township. There are famous known Taichi Canyon, Sky-bridge and Qinglong Waterfall. Round trip is about 4km start from altitude 980 down to 680. After the renovation, the trail is very easy to hike. Since the landslide disaster in 1985, this area is closed down for nearly 3 decades. It reopens recently and soon become a popular tourist attraction spot again. Please do not come to this area during the raining day for personal safety.

Qinglong Waterfall
Nantou County, Zhushan Township

Parking: 23.66982, 120.73858
Waterfall: 23.66255, 120.73412

Detailed Map: