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Wan Nian Canyon 3-1-19

Wan Nian Canyon located in Yunlin county, Gukeng district is a beautiful canyon terrain. The upper part of the canyon is the Tongxin Waterfall and the lower part is the Longfeng Waterfall. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from the parking lot to Wan Nian Canyon. There are a couple of deep pools you can swim or dive. The edge of the canyon is very slippery, please be very careful while taking pictures. In recent years a couple of people fall down to canyon while taking pictures, the local government decided to build a fence around the canyon. So it is closed down now. Update 9-8-20, the hiking trail was completed and it is open now .

Wan Nian Canyon
Yunlin County Gukeng District

Parking: 23.60261, 120.66767
Canyon: 23.60126, 120.66611

Detailed Map: