What’s up everyone, my name is Joe, and welcome to my “WeTrip” website. On this website, I want to share the secret hidden places I’ve been to in Taiwan to anyone that loves outdoor adventure. I will also provide detail information as much as possible, hope you guys like it and join the adventures!!

I’m not a professional river tracing nor a mountain hiking team, just a guy who loves outdoor adventure, photo shooting, and filming. River tracing and mountain hiking involve a certain degree of danger, you should always bring all the safety equipment along with you every time. If there is anything I missed and wrong about the location or equipment, please let me know. We welcome anyone that is into an outdoor adventure to join with us. In April 2020, we have created a Facebook club called WeTrip – Taiwn Secret Place , we hope to bring in more people that share a common interest and share it together.

“There will be some dangerous actions in information, maps, pictures, and videos. Please do not imitate without any training, assess your own abilities, be responsible for yourself and safety first”


Please take away your trash and don’t leave anything behind!!

Rating Guide


  • Easy, round trip under 3km 50% 50%
  • Light river trace (Simple wading, bring river trace safety equipment), round trip under 3km 60% 60%
  • Medium level river trace, climb, swim, cross the river (Bring safety equipment), round trip under 3-5km 70% 70%
  • Hard level river trace, climb, swim across deep pools, rapids, rock climbing (Bring ropes and safety equipment), round trip under 5-10km 80% 80%
  • Challenging river trace route, climb, swim across deep pools, rapids, rock climbing (Must bring climbing and river trace safety equipments), round trip under 5-10km 90% 90%


  • Fun 50% 50%
  • Very Fun 60% 60%
  • Exciting 70% 70%
  • Awesome 80% 80%
  • Extreme 90% 90%

Danger Level

  • Very Safe ( Pay attention to your own safety) 50% 50%
  • Overall Safe (Pay attention to your own safety) 60% 60%
  • Light risk (Bring all safety equipment along: Helmet, Life vest, Water shoes, Glove, Ropes) 70% 70%
  • Moderate risk (Must bring all safety and climbing equipment: Helmet, Life vest, Water shoes, Glove, Ropes) 80% 80%
  • High risk (Must bring all safety and climbing equipment: Helmet, Life vest, Water shoes, Gloves, Ropes, Harness and D hooks) 90% 90%

Map Guide

Map – All maps on the website have a GPX file where you can download. Simply import the GPX file into GPS Apps like Gaia GPS, Maps.me, Hiking book…etc. You then can still track when there is no signal to prevent getting lost.

Route guide on the map

—— Green Line:These color line means there is a road where you can drive in, but under some circumstances, the road may not be in good condition to drive.

—— Yellow Line:These color line means mountain trails or well-constructed trail. Sometime you will need to pass high grasses, bushes, or even farm areas.

—— Blue Line:These color line means river tracing route. Sometimes you will need to cross rivers, swim over deep pools, climb over the waterfall. Bring river trace equipment for these routes.

—– Red Line: These color lines means dangerous section such as Need ropes to cross, climbing, near cliff, etc.

Map Icon Guide

Waterfall – a place with a waterfall

Swim – pool deep enough for a swim

Dive – places suitable for dive (Check underwater before dive)

Water slide – slide down

Start point – place where to start

Canyon – Canyon Terrain

Beautiful scenery spot – Take your time to enjoy the view

Camping – Places suit it for camping

Hot Spring – places with hot spring

Steep road – These paths are not suitable for vehicles

Climbing – Need to use a rope to pass

All information on the website is a personal opinion, photo and videos need to be authorized for use.